Movement & Physical Activity

Being active and moving around is one of the main ways for children and young people to enjoy life and be with others. It is also one of the best things for their health and development. We think all children and young people should have the opportunity to be active, and do it in ways that they enjoy.

Most children and young people are not as active as they would like to be and need to be. And those with health or developmental challenges are at even a higher risk on being inactive.

Our research seeks to understand: What does ‘being active’ looks like across children? How does young children’s movement and activity change over time? And, what helps children and young people be the active explorers they often want to be?

Current activity & movement studies:

ActiveCHILD Promoting health and functioning through early life physical activity, funded by NIHR ICA SCL. 06/2016 – 01/2022.

DoMore Developing an intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour in
non-ambulant young people with long-term disabilities, funded by NIHR ICA CDRF. 06/2019 – 11/2022.

Movement and activity in under5s with long-term conditions, funded by NIHR ICA PCAF. 08/2019-09/2021

Learning2Move Campaign, funded by Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. 01/2021-06/2021.

Physical activity in children with congenital heart disease. HEE/NIHR internship. 10/2020-06/2021.

Completed studies:

EMPoWER Early mobility and powered wheelchair evidence review and economic modelling. The protocol is here and the final peer-reviewed, open-access publication here.

Participation in physical play in 6-8 year olds with motor impairments. The protocol is here, and the main findings are here.