Self-Care Outputs

Our outputs are usually research publications, materials for practice, and presentations to various audiences. If you’d like to hear more about our self-care research, please contact us and we’ll prepare a tailored presentation for your audience.


Describing pre‐appointment written materials as an intervention in the context of children’s NHS therapy services: A national survey by Armitage, McColl, Kolehmainen, Rapley. 2020.

Improving participation outcomes and interventions in neurodisability: co‐designing future research by McAnuff, Brooks, Duff, Quinn, Marshall, Kolehmainen. 2016.

Early Mobility and POwered Wheelchair Evidence Review (EMPoWER): Cost-effectiveness of earlier provision of powered mobility interventions for children with mobility limitations [PROSPERO Protocol] by Bray, Beyer, Craig, Grayston, Tudor Edwards, McAnuff, Noyes, Tanner, Kolehmainen. 2018.